E-Mission was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He has been DJ’ing since ’09. Been following dubstep almost his whole life, started following DnB around ’09. While mainly focused on dubstep, E-Mission also explores all genres between 110 – 180bpm which of course is very wide range.

E-Mission has recently started producing some of his own dubstep in ’10. This guy is really into the ‘true’ dubstep vibes but likes to play around with all the types out there. Most of his tracks have a real dub feel to them with a real deep bassline. On his remixes he tries giving it his own feel on each one. Sure, every once and awhile E-Mission likes to hit ya with the heavy bass and dirty synths but he is mostly about the dubstep roots!  The guy has also been working on some drum and bass tunes lately, coming with that neuro and liquid dnb styles. Stay tuned for more productions by the man E-Mission. Also, check out his soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/e-mission for most of his up-to-date productions!

E-Mission thrives in the club atmosphere and is ready to become a big part of it. Known for emitting dubstep through them LOUD speakers, he is ready to let the beats go and go and go and go. In the past he has received a slot on CFXRNetRadio back in ’09 but they have recently shut down due to backruptcy. He didn’t want to stop, he now does his own radio show on Ustream. Link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/e-mission-dubstep This gives him a good chunk of time to express himself on the controls during the week. The show airs every Thursday from 6-8pm EST time. You can also find E-Mission out in clubs within the Buffalo and surrounding areas. Come on out and help support this guy!

*For any information related to bookings, productions or contact about tracks please email emissiondubstep@gmail.com


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