Frosty Tone Entertainment was established in Buffalo, NY and was created to bring you some of the best EDM events around! The cities local DJs bring you a great wide variety of genres to the plate including Dubstep, Drum and Bass, 4×4, House, Breaks and much more!

In the past Frosty Tone has also brought many out-of-state and overseas DJs as well including HULK, Joe Nice, XI, Moldy, Silkie, The Spit Brothers, Audiowright, Distal, B1t Crunch3r, Conscious Pilot, Nebulla, Dopelabs, Hoogs, Bones Jones, Foot Foot, Thunder St Clair, Roots Collider, Dash Exp, and more!

You can view events and Frosty Tone news at this link: Frosty Tone Ent

The Guestlist Radio Show ran by DJ Mario Bee and co-host Mohey Pori keeps you up to date with whats going in Buffalo’s EDM scene as well as what truly picks their brains.

Featuring: Up to date event listings, in depth interviews, and a constantly changing roster of guest mixes to keep you grooving before a night out or bedtime.

Tune in EACH and EVERY Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm on Buffalo’s Original Alternative, 91.3FM WBNY (or online at WBNY.ORG).

Links here:               

Not as far long a shot from the ‘Mario Party,’ the ‘Guestlist’ picks up where DJ Mario Bee often dropped the ball. That means more conversation, interviews, more listener interaction, VIP mixes, and tons more FRESH music.

At the end of the day The Guestlist is a show, which calls for entertainment. FM radio has lost its edge and appeal over the last 10 years, so what The Guestlist trying to do is create a loyal listener base by offering the public a product that overcomes the norm by embracing EDM music.

All we can say is to expect some big things from The Guestlist. From Buffalo to the world and back again, we hope y’all enjoy!

*Find us on The Guestlist. If you ain’t here, then we don’t know where you’re at.


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