The final results are in from the votes!

1. Filth Collins –  Get Out (E-Mission Remix)
2. E-Mission – Monkey Jumper
3. E-Mission – Kickin It
4. Nilow – Chinese Dreams (E-Mission Remix)
5. Vibez – I Want Breakfast (E-Mission Remix)
    E-Mission – Sway
    E-Mission – Sea Of Gardens

 *There was a 3 way tie for 5th place!
(All three will be included on the EP)

The FREE EP will be released in early October. Exact date to be posted soon!  Please check out the graphic designing company Banana Doors that played a big role in designing the album cover. Please like it on facebook and help support the movement!

Link below:

5 people will be picked at random to win the exclusive CD with a few extra features from Banana Doors!

*Thanks to the voters!


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